Old Classroom...

These are from before I did any work in my classroom...

 looking in from the doorway... to the right is the front of the room
 the front/right side of the room
 the back/right side of the room
the back of the room


My classroom mostly finished

Sorry these pictures are a little bit late...


The destruction of my classroom

There was just SO MUCH STUFF!!!


A Home of Our Own.

As you may know, over the past few months we have looked at dozens of houses and placed offers on several. We are finally getting close. It's hard to get excited after so much let down, but it is finally starting to feel real. We might be home owners soon!

This is the very first house we looked at way back in August...


So... we're moving!

Sorry in advance for the pessimistic attitude.

Let me remind you of our house situation so far...

We are still in on the short sale, but it will not go any further until the house goes into foreclosure. So we have continued to look. We even put an offer on another house. That's 7 houses now. We are still not homeowners.

Since that last post, we moved out of our tiny one-bedroom house next to the park and into a much larger house up river. We moved here mid-February to help keep things up while the house was on the market. So we knew it would be temporary... which was great because we were ready to leave our little house, but hadn't found our own yet. There was an offer the day we moved in. Yay. 
This was no big deal because the lady buying it said that she wouldn't actually be moving for at least 1-3 years and we could continue to live here until we found a place of our own, with the understanding that she could come and leave as she pleased (like a vacation home). Until today. She decided that it would just be too complicated/weird. So, we have one month to find another place to rent. Yay.

It is hard when God's answer is no, but he knows what he's doing.


My hope is in the Lord

'tis the season for joy and hope...
yet I find myself filled with feelings of sorrow and anger.

I have constantly been praying that the Lord will change my heart. That he would give me a heart of hope and gratitude. He has done so much in my life and I know he provides for me in so many ways, but it's hard to be joyful in times of pain, especially hidden pain.

God, my prayer again today is that you will change my heart. Help me to remember the hope I have in you.

He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.

Revelation 21:4


Buying a Home...

So let me summarize our experience so far.

We have been looking for a home of our own since August this year. We have looked at about 20 places in Gold Beach and put offers on 6 of those. Here's the break down:

House #1 - Rejected counter offer. Another buyer had a higher offer.
House #2 - Rejected first offer.
House #3 - Rejected first offer.
House #4 - "Short" sale. While waiting 2 months for a price opinion, put offers on #5 & #6...
House #5 - Rejected first offer. Loan requirements {pest and dry rot}.
House #6 - Rejected counter offer.

Back to house #4 - Accepted our offer.
Now the process begins... We hope everything goes smoothly from here on out, but we'll see.

This could be our future home.


Thanks #30

I am thankful for the holiday season and buying presents. :)


Thanks #29

I am thankful for a crafty girls night.